The Perfect Body, Is there such a thing?

Mar / 2017

Most of you when reading that question  would say no, but today I am here to tell you the answer is yes.

Does that shock you? If it does, keep on reading.

I was curious as to what social media had to say about the perfect body so what did I do? I googled it! I asked google, what does the perfect body look like?  You want to know what I saw? I saw lots of skin, tiny bikini’s, tight dresses, sexy poses, and Barbie. Yup the plastic doll made the list.

The issue with what I saw is what social media or media in general depicts as the perfect body and the impact it has on our own body image.

Body Image is defined as the way that someone perceives their body and ASSUMES that others perceive of them.

91% of all women in the United States have a negative body image. This negative body image leads to chronic dieting. The average woman does 4-5 diets a year. Diet has the word DIE in it for a reason. When we diet, we die to our authentic selves and give our power to false perception and assumption. That is CRAZY!!!!!

Let’s make this visual for a minute. I bet you can relate to this.  You wake up in the morning after a FEW days of healthy eating and exercise you step on the scale and it’s down 3 pounds and all the sudden life is amazing! Somehow your attitude magically changes. It’s all sunshine and roses. You had out the door high as a kite.

Now let’s say the opposite happens. You step on the scale and it’s up 3 pounds, now all of the sudden the world sucks, your job sucks, the gym sucks and your thyroid gets all the blame. If you are saying you never have felt this way, then you are lying to yourself or you just happen to be the 9% that loves their body which is amazing.

Ladies, it is time we stop allowing a number on the scale, a dress or jean size or the amount of calories we eat in a day dictate a good or bad day.

I asked the question at the beginning, “Is there such a thing as the perfect body?” and the answer is yes. You live it in right now. You have it.

Stop trying to obtain something you already have and let me share with you how to  redefine the perfect body and embrace a positive body image. The  perfect body happens from the inside out not the outside in. Use these three steps to develop a healthier body image:

  • Stop the comparison game. In this lifetime, who you are is who you get to be. You were born into your body for a reason and you can’t have someone else’s body so why are you comparing your body to someone else’s. You hold all the power within you to be your best self. You were meant for great things so quit wasting energy on comparing yourself to others and start using that energy to be YOUR BEST SELF! That is where all the magic happens.
  • Practice self love. Love who you are. Own It, Love It, Live It! As women we are so good at trying to give others encouragement and love but we don’t give it to ourselves. You can’t give others what you can’t give yourself. We feel that putting ourselves last is a sign of love to others and that is the biggest lie we live.  Practicing self love, self confidence, self respect, self worth is not selfish, its our responsibility. We cannot serve others from an empty vessel. You would not want your daughter, sister or best friend to do this so why do you?
  • Stop Self Bullying: Stop getting up every morning and looking into the mirror after a shower and saying, I am fat, I am flabby, my stomach is so bloated, my thighs are touching and my but is so big.  We are who we say we are so we need to start saying, I am healthy. I am fit. I am strong. I am an awesome leader. I am an amazing wife and mother. I am an awesome friend. You may not believe these words  when you first start saying it but eventually you will. You believed the negative statements, so train your brain to believe the positive statements. Your body will thank you!

I promise if you really focus on these three areas you will begin tapping into your super hero powers and not only will you create a positive body image, but you will live a life full of  love, abundance and purpose. After all isn’t what that what life is really all about?

With love & hugs,

-Coach Kathy