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Corporate Welllness Programs in Charlotte, North Carolina

Why are all the top companies in America implementing workplace wellness programs?

Because it works!

A healthy diet and lifestyle allows business people to work at their best longer.  Think more clearly, feel more balanced and positive and get better results.
Kathy Maio Corporate Wellness 3

Healthy Employees Means:


Award-winning fitness competitior and acclaimed sales strategist, Kathy Maio, helps individuals and businesses get themselves and their bottom line back in shape.  She teaches the strategies of professional competitors that keep their minds focused and their metabolisms high, giving them energy all day every day for maximum performance.

Kathy will coach you to maximize your productivity by breaking through the bad habits that are holding back your body and mind from being their best.  By changing just a few essential parts of your diet and exercise routines, Kathy will show you how your body and mind were meant to perform.