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What Is P.H.I.T. Life ?


This is real fitness.

Real nutrition, real exercise and real results.

P.H.I.T. Life is Kathy Maio´s proven method of champions that anyone at any age and fitness level can use to truly enhance their body, mind and life forever.

Kathy’s Blog

Kathy’s Blog
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Stop Stressing and Start Living: 8 Strategies to Help You Knock Out Stress

Mar / 2017

How many times  this week have you said to yourself or someone else, “I am so stressed.” For some people … Read more …

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Macro What?

Jul / 2016

Google weight loss or  diets and you will see many articles that include  “Count your Macros”, “IIFYM” , “Flexible Dieting”, etc. … Read more …

Kathy’s Blog
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Identifying & Overcoming Emotional Eating

Jul / 2016

  Emotional Eating is turning to food for comfort, stress relief or reward rather than to satisfy hunger. Let me … Read more …


Truth About Weight Loss

Mar / 2015

  Often times I am asked how long it takes to achieve results on a weight loss program and the … Read more …